Explore Katang Lingga

Ocean Breeze Villa

These villas are located in the east part of the island. Where the breeze of the ocean are whispering smoothly throughout the day. Nothing is more relaxing than to have a leisure time in the private of your villa while listening to the sound of the Ocean. Or if you happen to wake up at dawn, you’d have that rare moments in life. When for a while, the world is not exist anymore. Because at that given time, there will be only you, the breeze and the sunris

Ocean Breeze Villa

Blue Lagoon Villa

Situated in the north east of the island, next to natural lagoon,this villas is a perfect nest for lovers and Honeymooners. Simply because the design is intimate, warm and cozy. Far away from any activities on the other part of the island, it offers a peaceful and romantic ambiance. And the absence of the mangroves just few meters away, adds the magical and the ‘castaway’ feeling.

Pearls of the Ocean Villa

Rewarded as the most beautiful gift that the ocean had offered, the Pearls are considered as precious treasure since the beginning of timeSituated at the West Part of the island, next to a silky white sandy beach, these villas offers an outstanding view to the sunset and to the nearby islands. And swimming in a clean and well preserved ocean is only few meters away

Having you staying in this unique and luxurious villa will definitely make you feel special. As you, our guests, are the most valuable treasure in this resort.